AvidXchange Holdings’ CEO Meeting Takeaways

Deutsche Bank analysts provided their takeaways from their meeting with AvidXchange Holdings’ (NASDAQ:AVDX) CEO and Co-Founder, Michael Praeger, and CFO, Joel Wilhite, with discussions being around B2B payments space, macro trends, and the company’s strategic priorities.

Management highlighted the strength it is seeing across the middle-market and noted that it is still only seeing single-digit penetration across all 8 of the company’s verticals with even more room to run across the horizontal market.

The company has yet to see any material macro headwinds in its numbers and noted that it has visibility into potential future issues given the data it sees via invoice ingestion. Further, management appears confident in the company’s ability to weather a potential downturn as the software side of the business would benefit as companies look to reduce back-office costs and the payment side of the business could benefit from increased ePayment adoption due to the working capital needs of suppliers.