Coinbase Global’s CFO Meeting Key Takeaways

Oppenheimer analysts provided their key takeaways from Coinbase Global, Inc’s (NASDAQ:COIN) CFO meeting.

The conversation covered a wide range of topics including (1) BlackRock and Meta partnerships, (2) wallet, (3) staking, (4) interest income/USDC, (5) Coinbase One, (5) stock-based compensation, and (6) Coinbase Venture.

According to the analysts, the further explanation does indeed give them a better understanding of Coinbase's strategic direction. The analysts came away incrementally confident about Coinbase's growth initiatives, secular trend of digital assets adoption and its ability to maintain a leadership position.

The analysts remain constructive on the adoption and believe Coinbase can benefit from it long term. In the analyst’s view, investors may have underestimated the upside from (1) interest income (2) staking, and (3) recovery of trading.