Fintech Generation Launches the First Major AI Trading Strategy – NEURON

Fintech Generation launches its latest A.I. trading software - NEURON. This state-of-the-art next gen A.I. algo with proven accuracy of 65% with high-speed data processing, order execution and decision making in seconds.

Neuron combines millions of news articles and data sources with traditional financial and market data to enhance your information accuracy, and improve your outcomes. Two key factors to Neuron's success are its A.I. Pattern Search System and A.I. Trend Forecast.

A.I. Pattern Search System

Our A.I. pattern search system (AIPSS) identifies and analyses 39 types of patterns for forex, then gives signals on entry and exit points. You can customize the system to work according to your expectations. Customisations include confidence level, price range, asset classes, etc. The more criteria you put in; the more refined the signals presented will be.

Every day, our AIPSS scans thousands of forex charts, scans the market data, gathers thousands of pieces of information, analyses, filters, and eventually provides you with breakout prices, predicted target prices, and other important key indicators.

A.I. Trend Forecast

AITF offers you the opportunity to find bullish and bearish trends among major forex pairings, including currencies, precious metals, and commodities. Our system uses Intermarket analysis to determine which currencies and which markets have the most influence on specific target pairs, then it gathers the data through a patented neural network process that produces a variety of predictive, leading technical indicators that make incredibly accurate short-term price and trend forecasts.

As compared to other markets, to make consistent profit in forex (especially currencies), one must take many factors into account, from government policies, the global economy, interest rates, inflation, etc. Many brokerages or traders know the factors affecting it but without the right tool, it is nearly impossible to obtain and analyse all this info, let alone predict the market with accuracy.

The power behind Fintech Generations Neuron is the 3D core technology, data gathering and learning capabilities achieved through machine learning, deep learning and its artificial neural networks.

About Fintech Generation
Launched in 2018 Fintech Generation provides A.I. technology, A.I. trading solutions and liquidity solutions to both the financial services industry and digital asset platforms.Fintech Generation is a B2B fintech development brand, owned and operated by UEZ Markets Limited. We are committed to consistently showing strong business ethics, maintaining an excellent service reputation, and a good track record in the market, while delivering lower costs of entry for our clients. Our passion, resiliency, and adaptability make us grow bigger each quarter, increasing our customer base and driving our business forward, generating more opportunities.