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Forex Trading Spreads / Conditions

Currency PairMinimum Price FluctuationSpreads as low asAverage SpreadsLong Swap Value (Points)Short Swap Value (Points)Value of 1 lotLimit and Stop Levels
AUDCAD0,0028,003,00-482,00-226,00100000 AUD0
AUDCHF0,0028,003,00164,00-746,00100000 AUD0
AUDJPY1,0032,0033,00321,00-1.119,00100000 AUD0
AUDNZD0,0037,004,00-819,00-249,00100000 AUD0
AUDUSD0,0016,0018,00-27,00-8,00100000 AUD0
CADCHF0,0035,0037,00324,00-924,00100000 CAD0
CADJPY1,0031,0034,005,00-143,00100000 CAD0
CHFJPY1,0028,0033,00-582,00-762,00100000 CHF0
CHFSGD0,00282,0031,00-2.608,00172,00100000 CHF0
EURAUD0,0027,003,00-1.564,0076,00100000 EUR0
EURCAD0,0029,003,00-1.517,00313,00100000 EUR0
EURCHF0,0023,0027,00-302,00-652,00100000 EUR0
EURDKK0,00385,0039,00-5.943,00-6.553,00100000 EUR0
EURGBP0,0018,002,00-768,0052,00100000 EUR0
EURHKD0,0041,0045,00-9.152,00-3.812,00100000 EUR0
EURHUF1,00334,0059,00-20.964,0013.606,00100000 EUR0
EURJPY1,0021,0023,00-166,00-876,00100000 EUR0
EURNOK0,0012,001.455,00-1.529,00-285,00100000 EUR0
EURNZD0,0039,004,00-2.289,00431,00100000 EUR0
EURPLN0,0045,0065,00-12.533,004.047,00100000 EUR0
EURSEK0,00765,0099,00-12.009,00-6.199,00100000 EUR0
EURSGD0,00161,0017,00-2.335,00-115,00100000 EUR0
EURTRY0,00191,0043,00-120.076,0019.924,00100000 EUR0
EURUSD0,0016,0017,00-976,00344,00100000 EUR0
EURZAR0,001.734,00241,00-41.595,0012.645,00100000 EUR0
GBPAUD0,0036,0038,00-103,00-81,00100000 GBP0
GBPCAD0,0047,005,00-1.055,00-435,00100000 GBP0
GBPCHF0,0037,0046,00148,00-1.322,00100000 GBP0
GBPDKK0,00111,0012,00-3.091,00-11.911,00100000 GBP0
GBPJPY1,0032,0036,00514,00-1.866,00100000 GBP0
GBPNOK0,00183,00216,00-12.848,00-9.778,00100000 GBP0
GBPNZD0,0062,007,00-1.776,00-516,00100000 GBP0
GBPSEK0,00945,00134,00-83,00-1.388,00100000 GBP0
GBPSGD0,00276,0031,00-2.011,00-901,00100000 GBP0
GBPUSD0,0019,0021,00-636,00-176,00100000 GBP0
NZDCAD0,0038,0041,00-257,00-427,00100000 NZD0
NZDCHF0,0038,004,0027,00-82,00100000 NZD0
NZDJPY1,0025,003,0043,00-129,00100000 NZD0
NZDSGD0,00265,0028,00-728,00-708,00100000 NZD0
NZDUSD0,0025,0027,00-122,00-242,00100000 NZD0
SGDJPY1,00195,002,00-759,00-773,00100000 SGD0
USDCAD0,002,0022,00-409,00-399,00100000 USD0
USDCHF0,0019,0021,00559,00-1.171,00100000 USD0
USDCNH1,0034,0036,00-204,00-1.084,00100000 USD0
USDDKK0,00332,0036,00-523,00-11.533,00100000 USD0
USDHKD1,0026,0028,00-367,00-884,00100000 USD0
USDHUF1,00305,0051,00-21.283,0012.047,00100000 USD0
USDJPY1,0015,0016,00933,00-1.797,00100000 USD0
USDMXN0,00197,00239,00-71.126,00874,00100000 USD0
USDNOK0,0014,0017,00-7.959,00-9.589,00100000 USD0
USDPLN0,004,0052,00-9.262,001.058,00100000 USD0
USDSEK0,0061,0082,00-4.222,00-13.642,00100000 USD0
USDSGD0,00195,0021,00-1.364,00-1.014,00100000 USD0
USDTRY0,0019,0025,00-110.178,009.822,00100000 USD0
USDZAR1,0012,00158,00-2.977,00151,00100000 USD0

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What is forex trading, and how to invest in Forex ?


The foreign exchange market (FX) as a whole, consists of many types of markets, including Spot FX, Future derivatives, Forward Derivatives, and finally the CFD derivatives market, which is the most popular for retail clients. All forex trading transactions combined make up the largest and most liquid financial market, with an average daily volume of over $5 trillion.


The FX CFD derivatives market is made up of buyers and sellers, the main participants being large international banks, who place orders via electronic trading systems. This market is traded OTC (not traded on any regulated exchange) and as such there is no uniform price but each of the main international banks is providing its own quotes with the spot market acting as the point of reference for the quotes provided.