QUALCOMM’s Automotive Investor Day Review

Deutsche Bank analysts provided their key takeaways from QUALCOMM Incorporated's (NASDAQ:QCOM) first-ever Automotive Investor Day, where it highlighted the breadth and flexibility of its differentiated technology portfolio and the unique go-to-market strategy enabling significant share gains in the automotive segment.

Strategically, the company believes its broad portfolio of industry-leading technologies across Connectivity, Edge processing and Software combined with its highly scalable, highly customizable platform offerings under a common and programmable software architecture is a key differentiation compared to its competitors.

Financially, the two most important updates were first, the company increasing its design-win pipeline from $19 billion to $30 billion with ADAS being the largest driver of recent wins and secondly, increasing the certainty of its revenue projections over the next 4 years to 90% (vs. 70% prior) covered by existing wins.

Overall, while the smartphone environment remains choppy at best and is likely to continue being a headwind in the near term, the analysts believe the long-term diversification benefits of the Automotive segment are not only intact but accelerating both in terms of quantity and quality.