UEZ Global Elite Summit Celebrates Achievements and Unveils Future Ventures

Zurich, 24th May 2023 – The UEZ Global Elite Summit concluded as a resounding success, reflecting the company's remarkable achievements and promising future ventures. European elite representatives gathered in Zurich, Switzerland to meet CEO Conor Burns, CPO and Risk Management Director Percy Abbott, and APAC SVP Mason Kong, who shared the company's developments and future innovations.


A Global Livestream

During the summit, UEZ prepared a global livestream broadcast, allowing all participants to experience the elegant and grand interior design of UEZ’s Switzerland headquarters. This innovative approach exemplified UEZ's dedication to fostering inclusivity and collaboration among its global network.

The summit served as a platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and inspiring the financial industry. It featured presentations on the upcoming iFX Bangkok Expo, Market Elite Business Summit, Swiss Fintech Fair 2023, Finance Magnets London Summit, and showcased the launch of the European Summer Camp program, and the prestigious 2023 European Elite Summit, complementing UEZ's plan for global expansion.



UEZ's Achievements and Plans

During the summit, UEZ once again introduced its NEURON technology and the upcoming UTrade-X and UMasters products, demonstrating UEZ's mission to bringing AI-driven financial solutions to a global audience and solidifying its position as a trailblazing comprehensive AI-driven financial institution. Additionally, the summit announced the newly upgraded member system - MPortal 2.0 as well as optimised income structures for leaders.

In terms of operations, UEZ is focused on expanding its operations and forging strategic partnerships. It has made progress in 1:1 bank guarantee negotiations and received the Certificate of Authorization for its offices in Poland and Germany. Additionally, UEZ is actively exploring sports sponsorship opportunities with the PGA. In line with UEZ's goal to expanding its market presence. SVP Mason Kong will lead a team on a market tour across Europe, starting in Poland.

On the humanitarian front, UEZ has established the "Grow with UEZ" charity department, showcasing its dedication to community outreach and making a positive impact on society.

The UEZ Global Elite Summit showcased UEZ's success in the Asia-Pacific region and unveiled its ambitious plans for European expansion, cutting-edge technological innovations, and strategic initiatives. The event provided an opportunity for UEZ to reaffirm its commitment to excellence, collaboration, and delivering AI-driven financial solutions to a global audience.


Conor giving the Certificate of Authorization to the Germany Office


APAC SVP Mason Kong engaging in discussions with the European elites

APAC SVP Mason Kong engaging in discussions with the European elites


About UEZ

UEZ is a leading global financial institution specialising in AI-driven financial solutions. With a strong focus on innovation and customer-centric services, UEZ aims to revolutionise the way financial transactions are conducted. Through strategic partnerships and groundbreaking technology, UEZ is shaping the future of AI-driven finance, providing clients with seamless and intelligent trading experiences.