UEZ Markets is Planning to Launch Its Asset Management Business in Europe

UEZ Markets sets its sights on launching an Asset Management company in Europe. For UEZ Markets this is like going back to the start of the adventure as asset management is a whole new sector for them. The asset management market in Europe is key as they look to expand their portfolio and reach within the eurozone.

Over $40 trillion in reserves and assets are managed globally by central banks, sovereign wealth funds, and public pension funds. It is a crucial target market for UEZ Markets to join at this point as part of their global expansion plan due to the challenging global macroeconomic environment, rapidly evolving financial markets, technology, and the rising complexity of investment methods.

Conor Burns CEO at UEZ Markets LTD said: “Asset managers in the public sector are responsible for safeguarding the nation's wealth for future generations and are a key source of funding for long-term prosperity. We are committed to producing a new generation of leaders who are knowledgeable about capital markets, committed to good governance, and equipped with the skills necessary to make judgments about investments that will benefit their clients.”

The process will take time but UEZ Markets’ continues with its aggressive expansion plans with its goal to be operational and fully regulated under FINMA by the year of 2023.

UEZ Markets was founded in 2020 in the Cayman Islands as a subsidiary of UEZ Markets LTD, UEZ Markets is a market-leading trading platform. UEZ Markets has regional offices in the Cayman Islands, Europe, and Asia with over 200 employees worldwide. Committed to empowering people to invest and trade, with confidence, in an innovative and trusted environment; supported by best-in-class personal service and uncompromising integrity.